Meet Stefanie
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as cliché as it sounds, my obsession with event design started in the midst of my own wedding planning. i was catapulted into a design world that i never knew quite existed. most brides hired a florist and called it a day. simultaneously, the wedding industry was rapidly changing with the growing popularity of personalized events, with a HUGE emphasis on the details. and details (meaningful ones) are just my thing. i found myself glued to the wedding blogs, daydreaming about color palettes, garden inspired florals and signature cocktails. but underneath the pretty stuff, was the logistical part of the process that appealed to me. left brain planning and execution coupled with right brain creativity … a win win! could the type A and B parts of my personality be fueled equally? a perfect marriage of the two? i was onto something and it made my soul happy.

i worked full time while pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in industrial organizational psychology, arming me with fierce multitasking skills. postgraduate, i worked at a manhattan law firm for a few years, ultimately shaping me into a client service rockstar. but, i felt like a caged animal inside a cubicle. there was a hunger for something more, something better. i took this as an opportunity to parlay my passion into business and forge a new path from the ground up.

most of my work is done from home, a space i find truly inspiring with multiple layers of color, textures + patterns. it took years to fully decorate! i opted for custom furnishings and designed one-of-a-kind pieces. i spent endless hours searching for the perfect vintage finds. it was the little details that took the longest to figure out. i use the same unconventional approach to style my events, combining elements that may not go together. rustic, glam, earthy, industrial … it can all be mixed and matched in a way that works.

single handedly, the important part of planning an event is setting a strong foundation. i always meet my clients in-person for an inspiration session. we’ll move away from your to-do list for a bit and take time to get to know one another. what it is that you’re celebrating and why? how do you want your event to feel? what do you want your guests to remember most? truthfully answering these questions is integral to developing a solid direction. let’s not get swept up in details that don’t carry meaning. connecting to the core of what you’re celebrating is the key to curating an event designed with purpose.

we’ll take a look at your pinterest boards. but instead of just viewing these images at face value, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty. what do these images have in common? where is it all stemming from? what’s the root of it all? if you can’t answer these questions then maybe we need to source different ones. images that aren’t “wedding” or “event” related. this ensures an authentic and intentional design, which can be difficult to achieve in this oversaturated, pinteresty industry. and, why be limited to images? words, stories, visions … anything that evokes true, raw emotion. the inspiration board we put together will essentially guide all of your future decisions because it will carry meaning, making this planning and design thing less overwhelming. organically, we will spend the rest of the design process translating these concepts into a wedding or event.

i think of my clients as artists who are revealing their story through the design process. we all have our own unique narrative and i aim to reflect that in a way that is personal. it’s electrifying when i watch this unfold at the event. all of our hard work coming to life! for me, this is when the magic truly happens.

the end result and the process that it takes to get there are equally important. i want the details to be synonymous with who my clients are. clearly, the best part of what i do is being part of these intimate yet monumental moments in people’s lives. a moment that i help create with meaningful and personal details at every turn. it’s these distinctive details that create that everlasting moment for my clients. because after everything fades that imprint will forever spark the nostalgia and define the milestone.

the essence of a boutique styling business is very similar to that of a dress found in a vintage boutique – original and unique to the individual wearing it. it is not easily replicated or designed for the masses. that to me is what an event should feel like. original, timeless and transformative in the way it makes my clients feel.

so let’s push boundaries, take risks and create an event that is undeniably yours.


Meet Stefanie