a groom’s guide to wedding planning                                                                                     april 16, 2015

grooms, don’t fight your way to the altar, let your bride-to-be hire a wedding planner, event designer or at the very least a day-of (really month-of) coordinator! in both my personal and professional experiences, it is quite rare for the groom to be wholeheartedly involved in the wedding planning. most of the time, grooms only enter the equation when there’s money involved. just like a high stakes poker game, either you’re all in or you’re all out. hopefully, you’ll choose to be all in.

wedding planning is just the start of many events that you will plan as a couple. if you are able to come up with an effect strategy now, it will only be easier moving forward. here are some tips on how you can be every bit the man your fiancé wants you to be while planning your wedding:

  • divvy up responsibilities, do research, attend vendor meetings, etc. you’ll get a better idea of what this planning + design thing is all about.

  • what is your budget? what is important to you as a couple? being fiscally responsible is important, these are conversations you and your partner should have way in advance of booking any services.

  • DO NOT, just “pop” into the wedding planning when money is on the table. you’ll likely end up with a bride who is distraught about something one of the vendors did (or did not do), because you went with the cheaper option. and she’ll most likely torture your life about it. if you are going to cut corners it shouldn’t be in areas such as photography and videography. these professionals will be charged with the responsibility of recording your wedding day in such a way that you will be able to revisit those emotions for a lifetime, that is a HUGE deal.

  • time is of the essence, once you have your budget, you must be ready to say “yes” to reputable vendors.

  • do we really need a wedding planner? yes! just as you would in any business project, your wedding will take 6 months to a year of planning that will be one of the more costly investments of your lifetime. you need a experienced project manager. similar to when you buy a house, your wedding planner will be able to broker deals, manage expectations, keep things on track and provide industry knowledge of all the things you and your bride-to-be may not be aware of.

  • why hire a planner if you have a venue coordinator? a venue coordinator works for the venue and a wedding planner works for you. i will manage your vendors from the beginning of the planning process until the very end. and guess what, even the best vendors book multiple events in a weekend and get their wires crossed. there absolutely must be a middle person day-of managing it all. at any event or wedding, team work and communication are vital. i will make sure music is cued, cameras are in position and most importantly ensure all your needs are met.

  • why do we need an event designer if we have a florist? a florist is a specialist in the area of flowers. an event designer transforms the overall space down to the smallest details. developing a design plan is a long process. we will work closely for months before the vision of the day emerges. i’m the one who develops the concept (with your input of course) and communicates this along with logistics to specialists like floral designers. i work along side your photographer and florist, styling all the details so they look good not only in person, but in photographs. with an event designer, you can rest assure that no detail will be forgotten.

  • we’re on a budget, we can do it ourselves! wait … let me get this straight … you’re going to invest in a great photographer + videographer to capture the moments, hire a floral designer, spend lots of money on a dress, cake, favors, etc. but when it comes to hiring a wedding planner or coordinator to pull everything together … you’re going to skimp on that? a slew of money is spent while planning but come wedding day, you’re going to rely on an aunt or bridesmaid to execute everything? friends and family don’t want to be left scrambling to solve mishaps while trying to enjoy the wedding themselves. an untrained eye is unable to see the amount of work that goes into planning a successful wedding. this realization usually comes too late in the process, when your options are limited because most professional planners + coordinators book way in advance.

so brides, do me a favor and read this with your grooms. you will invest a lot of time, energy and money into your big day. don’t leave it all to chance. i’m here to help and most importantly save you time and money, which more often than not ends up paying for my services. let me take the guesswork out of it all and introduce you to my network of Ah-mazing vendors. if not, be sure to buy your groom a big bottle of advil and some elmer’s glue. you two can begin the DIY work while other couples enjoy dinners out and drink wine as they look at pictures of the work that is being done for them!

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